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Nothing is better than growing your own plants. Hydroponics is great, until the small, irritating problems grow into large headaches. For many, simply getting started is difficult. Don.t you wish there was an easier way to grow your garden? Of course you do, and now your prayers have been answered with finest grow boxes on the market ! Offering the Bud Buster, Bud Buddy, and of course the youtube sensation Grow daddy. Join the revolution today!

How do 
I choose the right Hydroponic Starter Kit? Why should I grow my own fruits, veggies, and medicine from home?

When you want to get going with hydroponics, the easiest way to do so is by purchasing a hydroponics starter kit. However, there are countless sites that sell these products, and knowing which one to put your trust in is important. Hydroponics Group has been in business for many years, and... (Read more)

There are lots of reasons someone would want to grow their own veggies and fruits, as well as medicine from home. However, to get the very best system for your situation, answering some questions first can make the process easier and more enjoyable. (Read more)

Starter Kits from Hydroponics Group Differences in Hydroponic Systems Hydroponics Starter Kits for Everyone

Hydroponics (growing plants and food without soil) is getting a lot of attention among consumers, as more people take an interest in it. There are a number of hydroponic systems out there, designed to help grow different plants in various quantities. Hydroponic systems come in either pre-designed kits or units (good for beginners) or... (Read more)

Hydroponics Group offers a complete line of hydroponic starter kits from our basic entry level kit to full on large scale growing systems. These kits have been specially formulated for ease of use and are come complete with everything you need to start growing immediately. They offer a great value for the money, and like all products from The Hydroponics Group, they... (Read more)

Hydroponic Gardening for Beginners Choosing the Right Grow Lights

When I was a kid, my folks had a backyard garden. We usually had fresh lettuce, tomatoes, green beans and an assortment of other vegetables. My mother also enjoyed canning the veggies we couldn't eat or give away. When I grew up and found myself living in an apartment, I decided that since I didn't have... (Read more)

Hydroponic gardens usually don't rely solely on natural lighting; some use a blend of natural and artificial light, and many are completely lit artificially. Plants utilize different parts of the light spectrum at different stages of growth. The lights used in hydroponics are... (Read more)

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