God Father Grow Box

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The God Father Growing Eco System!

  • 170 Cubic Feet of growing space! (78″ Tall x 77″ Wide x 47″ Deep)
  • 4 Times the size of any other system!
  • 2 Raptor Odor Controllers, 2 10” can filters and 2 186cfm duct fans
  • Features  2 intercooled Zen Wave lighting systems for expert cycles every time
  • Massive Grow Room not a Grow Box – Size Does Matter
  • The God Father is your game changer; Home farming will never be the same.
  • Grow at Waist Level for Easier, More Enjoyable Gardening
  • Nutrients Provided, nutrient schedules, lighting schedules
  • Fully automated all you do is tend to your plants!
  • Up to 5.5 Grow Cycles per Year

The God Father, our largest grow system, is the result of 3 years of research and development. Paired with our advanced Zen Wave Lighting system for maximum efficiency while keeping its cool. Zen Wave systems are internally cooled to keep you’re home farm at optimum output levels.

This growing system has many important advantages. Size does matter with plants of all kinds. The more room a plant has to reach and stretch the bigger the harvest. We designed the system so you can farm up to 5 feet tall in its standard configuration.  By removing the clone space,  a full 6’ 4” inches of interior grow height can be obtained. The God Father is made of Cedar the very same wood used to make high end spas. The wood is naturally odor controlling, the walls are 1 inch thick for sound absorption and the unit is modular making it easy to assemble or move. No other system can offer such a complete approach to home farming.

The God Father System comes complete.  Its modular design makes it a snap to assemble the cedar wood panels.  Includes: assembly videos, live customer support and much more.  The God Father from Hydroponics Group is for those who want to farm at the next level!

New God Father Features include:

  • Our exclusive Raptor odor control system.
  • Powerful exhaust fan with 2x 186 cfm power for complete filtration
  • Up to 1200 Watt MH/HPS Lighting
  • Ratcheted Rope Hangers and extensions for your growing adjustments
  • 36 site Hydro Tubs for complete hydro Growing
  • Go organic with our  self-watering organic soil pots
  • Air pumps, Timers, Surge Protectors,
  • Brushed Nickel dead bolt security system
  • Adjustable Planters Shelf for maximum size plants
  • 4x T5s with Nano Zen technology for a constant supply of seedlings
  • Propagation Trays with Clone Domes and Clone Gel
  • Veg and Bloom Nutrients provided, with nutrient and lighting schedules
  • 3 Year Warranty on the box and lifetime outstanding support.
  • Leading edge design, style and automation

This is our introduction, limited supplies time to Get Yours Today!

Note: Components subject to change