Why We are Different

We at Hydroponics Group are a dedicated team of Organic Farming Professionals driven to provide you, the valued customer, with the very greatest products for hydroponic growing on the market;the same products we ourselves use to attain exemplary crop yields, massive budding, and overall phenomenal results. We take hydroponics seriously, and want you also to experience the joy we have, when you use our products to get the most out of your hydroponic growing experience. Since we are responsible for designing, creating, and testing our products before you receive them, you can be assured of complete satisfaction.

To be certain that each product we put out is 100%, we run a battery of tests that are meant to mimic all of the same conditions they will be involved in after they have been purchased and put to good use. We know you want crops that are the highest quality every time, and that is what we strive to do here-give you perfection with every crop yield

For those serious about hydroponics, we offer any nutrient you could possibly need to insure your crops take off like never before. Your plants will be stronger, healthier, and give you insane crop yields with each use. You don’t have time to waste with inferior products, so use ours and you will never need to worry again.

Don’t think you are going to be forgotten about after you buy either. We offer top notch training with our how to grow at home newsletters, web seminars, and support for the individual grower via our Hydroponics University blogs. There has never been a better time to grow organically, and with the level of support you get from Hydroponics Group, you have no more excuses.

About Us

We at the Hydroponics Group began more than a dozen years ago, when several hydroponic growers met up every few months to share growing tips as we searched for a way to grow crops that were always consistent and perfect. As our knowledge and skill grew, we discovered that there was nothing out on the market that could live up to our own ideals and specifications, so we soon decided to build our own grow boxes, cabinets, and closets. Later on, we developed an advanced line of nutrients to finish the process. Today, we are confident that we offer the greatest hydroponic systems and nutrients anywhere.

For those serious about growing at home with hydroponics, you must look at our products, and see for yourself why we are the best at what we do. We offer top level support and advice, with free how to grow at home advice, monthly web seminars for support on an individual basis, and access to our Hydroponics University blogs. If you dream of perfect harvests all year long, learn why The Hydroponics Group makes the ultimate hydroponic grow systems on Earth.


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