The wonderful world of factory direct Hydroponics may fit your business needs for virtually any purpose! Whether you’re planning your order for the a big selling season or you just want to market to your expand your profitability while selling to your existing customers, factory hydroponics can meet your needs. Moreover, by buying your equipment in bulk, you can save up to 50- 80% percent off the retail price. In addition, your Hydroponics account specialists are here to help every step of the way. Don’t forget to ask about our Private Label Nutrients.


The world of Organic Farming and Hydroponics for resale is exciting and profitable, but isn’t something you should enter into without first considering the investments and benefits. The road to becoming a direct import partner is easier than one might think, that is if one has the proper help and guidance. While many other manufacturers make big claims, we truly are the best when it comes to providing a quality product with top notch customer service. Our company has over 10 years experience importing, shipping and manufacturing products and we put all of our experience to work for you!

In the last few years, the popularity in the hydroponics marketplace has increased rapidly, your interest in becoming an importer will help you capitalize on this growing market. At the present time, the world of growing equipment is divided into two camps:

  1. Companies that actually make equipment or import and those that buy either wholesale . As manufacturers, your consultant will work with you every step of the way. To craft your order with care and consideration for your market. Our staff will train your company on what to do and how to maximize your order. One aspect to remember is that importing has some easy to attain minimums.
  2. Many of our best customers have experienced this difference first hand. With us you will share our confidence, experience and our long standing quality reputation for manufacturing and importing. The major advantage to importing say an order of ballast, reflectors and bulbs is you can capitalize on direct pricing. Allow your company to resell the products and earn more revenue and profit.

When dealing with us you truly get what you pay for. A reseller may offer a wholesale price, but you will seldom be pleased with the final investment. There is quite a lot of money to be made from the industry, so choosing your supplier will ensure your companies longevity.


The following information is prepared for our customers interested in importing directly from our factories. If you are more interested in domestic wholesale pricing, please click here.

Before we get into the details, please consult the chart below to see how much you can save per product with Hydroponics Group.

Image Name Description Minimum Qty Price
250/400/600/1000 Watt Ballast Low Starting Current, Low Temperature < 80F, 0.6amps starting current, 1.8 – 3.6 working, Full Warranty 250 Units 250w $62.16

400w $73.58

600w $109.70

1000w $164.44

Reflectors (Finish: Pebble/Mirror) (24.4 L 21.70 W) Pebble or Mirror Finish 300 Units $26.40 / $26.25
Air Cooled Hoods (Finish: Pebble/Mirror) (18.5L X 13W) Pebble or Mirror Finish 300 Units $56.50 / $66.50
Metal Halide Bulbs (400w) 36000 Lumens, Life span 10000 Hours 500 Units $14.52
High Pressure Sodium Bulbs (400w) 48000 Lumens, Life span 24000 Hours 500 Units $15.05
CFL Bulbs (125w) 6400K 125w 500 Units 26.95
Grow Tents   500 Units Coming Soon!
Digital Timers 15A Max Load, Dual Outlet, 8 Programmable On/Off Cycles, 1min Increments, Override switch 500 Units 14.85

These are just a few of the products we offer all representing a great way to get involved at a more profitable level.   

Crafting Your Order

Now you’re ready to become a importer. This is how most lamps are constructed .This guide will help one understand even more about the process.

  • The first step lets compile your order of product depending on the needs of your situation.
  • Two we can generate a PO for your records and a schedule for your down payment. The factory cannot begin your production until they receive the initial investment.
  • Three confirmations of all your order details will be confirmed and the order will be placed. The factory can begin manufacture quickly in most cases and we will keep you notified of estimated shipping dates and estimated arrival dates.
  • At this point, you’re ready to begin your very profitable venture, as an importer you will position yourself as an industry leader ready to help your customers with the highest quality product at the best possible value.
  • Depending on how many products you’ve ordered, you will have the choice between full container (FCL) shipping and less than full container shipping (LCL). With less than container shipping, the cost per unit will be marginally higher, but it allows first time buyers to save money overall by ordering fewer units. With full container shipping, you’ll receive more products at a lower investment per unit.
  • We personally oversee the entire shipping process from the moment your order leaves our factory to when they arrive at your location, and that includes dealing arranging all aspects of receiving by customs and completion of the necessary procedures.
  • Concerned about returning it? We make sure that all of your orders are insured against breakage or loss. While damage to your order is unlikely, we will gladly replace your broken product should something happen. If your order arrives with a small amount of damage, you have five business days to document your claims.


We are glad you made the decision to explore the exciting world of importing. Let’s craft your first order. The first step to completing your order is to choose the styles of Ballast, Tents, and or reflectors you want. Once you know what you want, we can assemble a quote.

Please note that we can make custom orders too! Remember, no order is complete without a review the possible upgrades. You can order individually branded boxes with your company logo this will go a long way to establish your brand.

 Shipping Note: Our Company provides all documentation regarding your shipment and any other particulars that we receive as far as bill of lading and voyage information and insurance documentation, We will commit to finding the lowest total shipping costs based on all available quotes we receive from our many shipping partners. Please note that the sooner your order is placed the better, as shipping rates escalate during peak shipping periods. Order now it will save you money and time!

Common shipping fees to expect:

  • The shipping fee includes the cost of booking a shipping agent, loading your order onto a vessel, shipping the product to your closest port.
  • Insurance is automatic on all of our shipments to protect against loss. The fee for insurance is in direct proportion to the total investment on your order. Your quote will be documented for you.
  • Customs clearance fee applicable to all orders since all goods are subject to examinations, holding and warehousing during inspection. All the particulars will be documented for your understanding.

The importing process generally takes between 8-10 weeks from start to finish. The timeline usually works this way:  

  • The first 2-4 weeks of your order is for manufacturing.
  • 2-3 weeks to arrive at our closest port.
  • 1 week to clear customs.
  • 1 week to arrive at your location.


Before your shipment can begin processing, we ask all of our clients to sign an order agreement that outlines the expectation and responsibilities for all parties involved. This important document protects both your rights and expectations.

If you have placed a less than (FCl) full box/container order, we ask fo 60% percent of the payment up front and the remaining 40% as it heads to the shipping port. All import orders are paid in full before they ship to you. Making the process simple and easy, all you will have to do is pick up your products when they arrive at your local pick up locations.

We have many options for your payment convenience we accept checks, money orders and credit cards and all forms of wire transfers.

Now you’re ready to get started, you might want to keep the following two tips in mind.

    1. Order as soon as possible. Waiting only delays our production time.
    2. Make your order unique. Use our customization services to build a product that is perfect for your needs. Think about creating a company brand with our graphic services and design teams.

Even if you’re not quite sure that this is the perfect business opportunity for you, take a moment to give us a call. We can come up with a solution that fits your needs. We look forward to working with you!

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