How To Choose The Best Hydroponics Starter Kit For Your Needs

When you want to get going with hydroponics, the easiest way to do so is by purchasing a hydroponics starter kit. However, there are countless sites that sell these products, and knowing which one to put your trust in is important. Hydroponics Group has been in business for many years, and they are experts in all things related to hydroponics. In order to insure you get the right hydroponics starter kit, there are some important questions to ask yourself first:

1) Setting Your Hydroponic Growing Goals Before You Start.

Before you can pick the perfect starter kit, you need to be aware of what you wish to accomplish by using this growing system. There are starter kits that are designed for those that wish to test the waters first, all the way up to kits that can get you growing for the highest yields possible. Hydroponics Group has tons of options for starter kits that range from the budget conscious CFL starter kit, all the way to grow boxes that feature money saving LED lighting. Your budget, desires and how much room you have are all crucial when determining which starter kit to buy. You can rest assured that anything you buy from Hydroponics group will be made to exacting standards and give you everything you need for the ultimate grow.


2) How Do I Choose The Best Hydroponics Lighting System For My Starter Kit?

HG has plenty of good options for you regarding grow lights, and the ones you choose can make a big difference in your grow costs. While it is true that CFL, Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium lighting costs less to buy initially, LED lighting is the best option for energy savings. You will pay more up front, but the LED lights have many features that are absent from other lighting. LED grow lights use far less energy, and do not cause heat to buildup in your grow area. They have to be replaced less, and can save you a great deal of money over time in both power and bulb replacement. HG has LED lights that cover the correct light spectrum for anything you wish to grow. You will see tremendous growth and high yields without all of the costs of other lighting. HPS, MH, and CFL are also good choices for those on a budget, but the costs associated with their use will be greater, particularly if you have a large grow. This is a good thing to keep in mind as you are shopping for the right hydroponics starter kit.


3) Do All Hydroponic Starter Kits Come Complete With All I Need?

Some companies sell starter kits that only have part of what you need, forcing you to spend more money to get started. Each and every starter kit kit that HG sells comes with absolutely everything you need to get growing quickly and easily. Hydroponics starter kits should come with all the grow lights, odor control, nutrients, grow medium, fans, instructions, outstanding customer support, and much more. When you have all the tools you need, your first growing experience will be less stressful, and you will be much happier with your hydroponics grow.

4) How Important Is Odor Control?

This is important because some kits don’t have enough odor control, which can cause your grow space and the area around it to be saturated in unpleasant scents. No one wants to go through this unnecessary problem, so it is best to use a company that has outstanding odor control, like the Raptor Odor Control system from HG. The Raptor Odor Control system uses powerful exhaust and filters to insure that all you smell is success with your grow. Each starter kit comes with this exclusive odor control system, so grow odors are never a concern.

5) Does the Starter Kit come with Detailed Instructions?

This is also crucial because without the right instructions, there is no way to put your kit together quickly so you can get on with growing. It makes no sense to spend hours putting something together, when you can be starting your grow. HG has exceptional instructions, a website full of information, and real live customer support if you ever hit a snag in the hydroponics growing process. Many other companies just expect you to guess how to grow, or want you to use other places to get your information. This can make the process of hydroponics growing a pain, and cause you to give up before you ever get started.

6) How Important Is Customer Service And How Do I Know A Company Provides It?

This is one of the questions that can mean the difference between a wonderful hydroponics growing experience and terrible disappointment. Many people go with a company that has little or nothing to offer in terms of customer support after the sale. Lots of companies that sell hydroponics could care less about you after you have spent your money with them. At HG, we have live customer support throughout the entirety of your hydroponics buying and growing process. You are never left in the dark to fend for yourself. We impart all of our vast knowledge onto you, so that you can have the most pleasant and rewarding time while learning to grow with hydroponics. When you buy from HG, you will never regret your decision, you will only wish you had started growing sooner.

7) How Much Does A Hydroponic Starter Kit Cost?

Not everyone has a great deal of money to spend when first starting out with hydroponics. This is why it is imperative to find a trusted company that offers several levels of high quality starter kits for any budget. HG has plenty of money saving options that can get you growing fast without breaking the bank in the process. They have low cost CFL starter kits that come with a deluxe grow tent, all the nutrients, lighting for each stage of growth, exhaust and odor control, grow medium, fans, timers, and everything that is needed for the ultimate grow. Next, is the Bud Buddy starter kit, that comes with HPS and Metal Halide grow lights, all of the fans, timers, nutrients, Raptor odor control, instructions, and world class customer support. For the greatest in energy savings, you can choose the LED starter kit as well. While this option costs a little more at the beginning, it will save you tons of money in energy costs and replacement bulbs. With so many options, the only thing holding you back from a great starter kit is making a choice.

8) Can I Start With The Basics for My Starter Kit and Upgrade Later?

Modular starter kits are an excellent choice because as your experience and needs grow, you can easily add on to your system. Every starter kit from HG features a modular design, so it is a breeze to add on to the system in the future, giving you a greater amount of grow room with no fuss. Other companies make you buy complete setups when you want to upgrade. But with HG, all you have to purchase is what you want to add on to the system. Your existing setup with fit seamlessly with your new grow room or grow boxes.

Finding the perfect hydroponics starter kit isn’t as daunting as it seems when you have all the answers you need to make a well informed and wise decision. HG takes all the guesswork out of buying hydroponics starter kits, so you can just focus on the joy of the grow.

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