Hydroponic gardening or farming can be more rewarding than growing plants in the soil. The yields can be up to 50% higher since the roots are regularly bathed with the nutrients the plants need to produce fruit. Plants grown in soil have to extend their roots to find the nutrients. Although Organic Farming is now becoming the most popular way to grow at home. Did you know that Hydroponics Group has a line of Self Water grow pots or Soil pots that allow the grower to utilize both hydroponics and Soil at the same time.

One item that is often used to help those with space issues, and time constraints, is a Grow Box. This is a self-contained control box that automates the growing process. A Grow Box will regulate the lighting, the nutrient solution, air movement, Co2, and the whole nine yards. (Actually, you won.t need nine yards as Grow Boxes tend to be compact.)

Be aware that Grow Boxes are not cheap. You can spend anywhere from $1500 to $4000 for one, but if you choose the right one, you will get more capacity for the most part, and higher yields without as much work.

Now Hydroponics Group has many for your to choose from. They manufacture all the cabinets themselves and only utilize the perfect components that not only fit the systems but are interchangeable throughout the line. Look for the Bud Buster, the Bud Buddy, and of course the Grow Daddy. Soon to be followed by the Grand Pappy the largest growing system on the planet for the Home Gamer! You know what they say is if your looking for a great grow box that is available in hydroponic or organic this is the place. hg.dev.adminrrf.com or you can call to speak to a farming representative at 800-850-6360

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While admittedly not the most scientific of tests, there is no way I’m going back to CFL lighting. My reason actually has little to do with the above comments and all to do with the quality of the harvest. Hands down, the Cool Tube produced more yield and better quality. At the end of the day, isn’t that what matters?

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