There is a wide array of hydroponics starter kits out there today. They range from the simple to the more complicated in nature. Some of the items that come in complete hydroponics starter kits are:

  1. Simple reservoir complete with plastic lid
  2. Net cups
  3. Grow rocks
  4. Water pump with discharge
  5. Water level indicator
  6. Drain hose
  7. Lighting system
  8. Growing medium, like gravel, geo lite, seed starter cubes, or mineral wool
  9. Reflector
  10. Nutrient solution
  11. Light timer
  12. Detailed instruction manual

Other kits come with far less:

  1. Large reservoir
  2. 2 gallon chamber for growing
  3. Pumping column
  4. Drip ring
  5. Air pump

Some hydroponics starter kits come with a deep pod, and an ebb and flow system that uses a fast flood, and rapid drain system that gives plants all of the nutrients they require to grow big and strong. Due to the fact that a hydroponics system provides the root system with all of the additives and nutrients they require, the plants do not have to grow an extensive root system to thrive. Since they are also given the ultimate growing conditions available, the plants can concentrate on growing up, allowing for much faster growth rates and higher yields. When you utilize the right hydroponics starter kit, you plants will make fruit, vegetables, and herbs that are far better tasting, and a great deal healthier than through traditional soil growing. When you learn the way to use a hydroponics kit properly, and with the correct conditions, you can have plants that grow from 2 to 4 times faster than those grown in soil.

When hunting around for the most complete starter hydroponics kit, be sure that you take the time needed to compare various brands and manufacturers. You can often find all of the supplies you need for less if you can simply search around. However, keep in mind that when trying to save money, you must not sacrifice quality in the process. What might seem like a tremendous bargain can quickly turn into a huge headache, when the parts break or stop working properly due to poor quality. By reading reviews from other home growers, you can insure that the starter kit you choose is worth the money you pay for it for years to come.

With hydroponics starter kits, you can have fresh vegetables, herbs and fruit all year round without paying insane grocery store prices.

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While admittedly not the most scientific of tests, there is no way I’m going back to CFL lighting. My reason actually has little to do with the above comments and all to do with the quality of the harvest. Hands down, the Cool Tube produced more yield and better quality. At the end of the day, isn’t that what matters?

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