Grow Tube

Budster Grow Box

Triple Threat Grow Tents

The God Father Grow Room

Assembling Your God Father Grow Room

Grow Box Assembly – Part 1

Grow Daddy, our largest and finest grow system ever – a complete assembly video for your review. The Grow Daddy snaps together in minutes which gets you growing faster.

Grow Box Assembly – Part 2

Whether you choose the Grow Daddy or the Bud Buddy, the components are made to fit your hydroponic system perfectly. Check out how easy it is to install the grow lights and all our famous options.

Grow Boxes

Grow boxes side by side – take a peek at the differences in our Hydroponic grow systems. Whether its high intensity lighting or the High Tech LED systems we have what you need.

Bud Buddy Hydroponics Starter Kit

Hydroponics Starter Kits are designed with the aspiring hydro grower in mind. Our hydroponic kits get you growing faster with complete systems ready to go.

Organic Soil Bud Buddy Grow Box

The Organic Soil Bud Buddy is designed with the organic soil grower in mind. Grow 12 plants in a single grow box with soil.

LED Grow Lights

Hydroponics Group LED Grow Lights are fast becoming the choice for at home farming systems. Utilizing less energy and different light spectrums leads to a highly efficient grow.

Hydroponic Water Pump and Air Pump

Hydroponics systems can be confusing sometimes – Here we explain the Hydroponic components to our Bud Buddy focusing on the reservoirs, air pumps and water pumps.

Hydroponic Nutrients for 10-Week Grow Cycle