The Bud Buddy Grow Box Line comes in four configurations, with one sure to meet your needs. HG has a system for everyone and every budget!

Configurations include the Bud Buddy Organic system, the Bud Buddy Hydro, the Master Control series and the Bud Buddy LED Grow Box.  The Bud Buddy Grow Box is massive, at 46″ wide x 30″ deep x 78″ tall, giving the grower enough room for maximum results. The Cedar Cabinet provides the stealth design you want with none of the negatives of metal boxes.

Bud Buddy provides 58.5 cubic feet of growing area; up to 100% more than other growing systems.   All Bud Buddy models come complete with all you need to succeed! No waiting, no importing, easy set up and world class support – get yours today!

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