Bud Buddy Hydroponics Grow Box


  • 12 Plants
  • 100+ Clones
  • 78x47x30″
  • 400-600w MH and HPS

The Stand Alone Bud Buddy Grow Box is the little brother to the Grow Daddy and both enjoy massive size advantages over any other systems, that allow for the largest harvest most consistent harvests. The Bud Buddy line of Grow Boxes are designed by growers with Unique Growing features like our modular design for a more versatile approach to all levels hydroponic Home Farming.

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NPK Nutrient Pack

The Bud Buddy Grow Box is engineered to exacting standards and is designed to hide in plain sight in any room of any house. The exterior is made from hand selected cedar planks with insulated interior walls that coated with a poly resin for a highly reflective maximum light environment and sound dampening for quiet running. For the person that wants to grow their own from home you can get involved easier and faster. The Bud Buddy is ready to ship today and will arrive ready to grow tomorrow. Now its time to get growig!

Bud Buddy Features

  • Grow up to 12 Plants hydroponically and 100+ clones in one unit
  • Larger grow areas, equals larger harvests – Plants thrive with more space!
  • Free instructional videos online 24 hrs per day – with installation videos and manuals EASY!
  • Cedar Walls are non-conductive resin sealed surfaces, none of the negatives of metal boxes including Zero condensation, Zero mold.
  • Lighting systems are internally cooled
  • Oder Free Operation – Our Raptor Odor Controller System is the best on the market!
  • 12-site hydro tubs (Deep Water Culture)
  • Grow in soil or hydro, it’s your choice. This product works great with either pots and tubs
  • Highly reflective inner coating
  • Taller, Deeper, Wider systems, with modular designs make for bigger harvests and easier growing. Work your garden at waist height.
  • Removable shelf to grow larger and taller
  • Insulated walls greatly reduce noise
  • Massive Clone area with room for 100+
  • Comes ready to assemble; no tools required
  • Blueprinted and laser cut, our boxes fit like a set of lego’s or Lincoln logs – its just that easy.
  • 3 year warranty on the box and lighting fixtures

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  1. 5out of 5

    How do I love thee? Let me count the ways… LOL. I do really, really, really, love my Bud Buddy from hydroponicsgroup. I don’t have the time to write just how many ways I love it, but let me just say that they are an awesome company and they have the baddest hydro systems bar none.

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