Bud Buddy LED Grow Box


5.00 out of 5
  • 12 Plants
  • 100+ Clones
  • 78x47x30″
  • 300-watt LED Lighting

The Revolutionary Bud Buddy Grow boxes are the little brother to the Grow Daddy and both enjoy massive design efficiency for complete grow-at-home systems. Our grow boxes are designed by growers, with features like our unique productive modular design, which offers a more versatile approach to all levels hydroponic Home Farming.

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Bud Buddy LED Grow Station, our most popular size grow box paired with professional LED technology. The LED grow box has some important advantages. 12. While both the Bud Buddy and LED Bud Buddy enjoy massive design efficiency for complete grow-at-home systems, the LED grow box offers some important power advantages. LED’s use far less energy than HID lighting kits, and can be just as effective in producing large harvests. This Grow Station includes our unique Bud Buddy grow cabinet with a 300 watt 5 watt per diode high end LED grow box system. LED lights can make your grow more efficient on energy, and are easy to set up, since the LED system does not need a ballast to power the light.

Together, the Bud Buddy Grow Cabinet and our LED light array make this our most technologically advanced product to date.

Some of the features include:

  • Cedar Walls are non-conductive resin sealed surfaces, none of the negatives of metal boxes including Zero condensation, Zero mold.
  • 300-Watt LED Lighting
  • Our exclusive Raptor odor control system. Filters properly, pulling odor through the filters as opposed to pushing air out.
  • Powerful high-output exhaust fan for complete filtration
  • 12 site Deep Water Culture Hydro Tub
  • Air pump
  • Adjustable Shelf for maximum size plants
  • T5s for a constant supply of seedlings
  • Grow Medium, Nutrients, and our outstanding customer support.
  • 3 year warranty on the box and lighting fixtures
  • Hydroponics Group offers lifetime support, modular designs, and scientifically crafted lighting and feeding schedules.

Together, the Bud Buddy Grow Cabinet and our LED light array make this our most technologically advance product to date. LEDs offer your plants the exact light spectrum they need to grow super strong and healthy. When you’re ready to take the next step in your home garden – The LED Bud Buddy may be just what you need.

  • Grow Up to 12 Plants Hydroponically (DWC resevoir and Nutrients Included)
  • Organically Grow up to 15 Plants in Soil Pots
  • Simultaneously grows 100s seedlings / clones
  • Lighting and feeding schedules inlcuded
  • Made of natural Cedar, which adds a natural approach to odor control
  • Lighting systems are internally cooled with our exclusive Zen Wave Lighting system
  • Maximizes Odor Control with our Raptor Odor Controller
  • Highly reflective inner coating for maximum light reflection
  • Work your garden at waist height – Planting Shelf is Adjustable
  • 6.5' tall more size means stronger, larger plants
  • Insulated walls greatly reduce noise
  • Well-designed and looks great in any setting
  • Super Simple set up - you'll be growing same day
  • The only machine that has the size and the design
  • Compare and save!
  • Grow Station Bud Buddy Grow Box (78" Tall x 45" Wide x 30"deep)
  • The largest BEST LOOKING Grow Box with the Highest Yields
  • 12-site Hydroponics Tub
  • High-Output Air Pump
  • Elite Air Stones
  • 4" Duct Fan Exhaust with Quiet Run Technology
  • 8' Power Cord for both Lamp and Cooler
  • Digital Timers
  • And much more included

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  1. 5out of 5

    I started with the LED starter kit a while ago, and now I have the Bud Buddy LED. I got such tremendous results with the starter kit, I couldn’t resist getting a system that could allow me to boost my harvests, and the Bud Buddy sure has done that and then some.

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