Bud Buddy Solo (Grow Box Only)



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NPK Nutrient Pack

The Bud Buddy makes a perfect place to launch your garden.
Many of our customers like to freelance and mix and match components.
No problem,save yourself some time and funds – Get the Darn Box!
  • Grow Station Bud Buddy Grow Box (78″ Tall x 45″ Wide x 30″deep)
  • The BEST LOOKING Grow Box with the Highest Yields in this range
  • Insulated non conductive walls
  • Interior sealed with a poly resin paint expands and contracts
  • Compete with Planter Shelf for comfortable farming (no hands and knees farming)
  • Dead Bolt Brushed Nickel Door locking system with multiple keys
  • Videos on installation, and customization for your growing needs.
  • Grow,Bloom and Micro Nutrients included

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