Bud Buddy Triple Threat

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If you are a commercial grower, an experienced amateur grower, or a farmer who wants to have multiple crops growing simultaneously, each with their own nutrient needs, then the Bud Buddy Triple Threat is just what the doctor ordered.

The Bud Buddy Triple Threat offers unparalleled versatility; since it’s designed to simultaneously provide two clone stations, two grow areas, and one mother plant area, the configurations are endless:

  • Need more clone space? You have it.
  • Want three grow areas? No problem.
  • Need a drying cabinet? It does that too.

The Bud Buddy Triple Threat is completely modular, meaning you can add additional grow cabinets and controllers as the need arises without your initial Bud Buddy Triple Threat ever growing obsolete.

The Bud Buddy Triple Threat includes three Bud Buddy grow cabinets, or as we like to call them, grow zones. The three Bud Buddies have cedar exteriors–either natural or stained chocolate brown. The walls are fully insulated. The hardware is oversized and rugged and assembly is a breeze. So, as you can see, we put a lot of care into the outside of our grow cabinets. We put even more into the insides. All of our components are the finest quality available. We offer many options on the “guts” of our grow zones, so you can configure your grow station to your individual needs.

We offer several choices in lighting, starting with our proprietary Cool Tube metal halide/sodium vapor fixture, our 4th generation LED lighting made to our exacting specifications, or CFL lamps for clones, low hanging fruit and mother plants. We carry only the highest quality reservoirs, irrigation systems, our exclusive Raptor Odor Control System, pumps, grow cups, grow medium and nutrients.

WARNING: The Bud Buddy Triple Threat is for serious growers only. Amateurs need not apply.

Grow Station Bud Buddy

  • Grow Up to 12 Plants and 100+ clones in each unit
  • Made of Cedar naturally
  • Cedar adds to odor control with natural cedar scent
  • Available in Dark Charcoal and Natural finish
  • Lighting systems are internally cooled
  • Maximum Odor Control with the Raptor Odor Control System
  • 2x 12-site Deep Water Culture Hydro Tubs complete with air pump
  • Grow in soil your choice comes complete with both pots and tubs
  • Highly reflective inner coating
  • Work your garden at waist height – no more bending
  • Removable shelf to grow larger and taller
  • Insulated walls greatly reduce noise
  • Light tight design
  • Massive Clone area Room for 100+
  • Comes ready to assemble no tools required
  • A true stealth machine
  • 3x Grow Station Bud Buddy Grow Box (78" x 45" x 30")
  • 3x 12-site Tubs
  • High-Output Air Pumps
  • Elite Air Stones
  • Carbon Scrubber and Can Fans
  • 4" Duct Fan Exhaust with Quiet Run Technology
  • 400-Watt HPS and MH Bulbs with Ballasts and Inter-Cooled Cool Tube System (600-Watt Available)
  • 8' Power Cords for both Lamps and Coolers
Weight 430.91 lbs


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