Cool Tube with Intercooler

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Take your growing experience to an entirely new level with our Cool Tube Hydroponic Lighting System. Packed with features, it makes growing with hydroponics easy and fun again. Some of the exceptional things you will find with our Cool Tube Hydroponic Lighting System are:

  • One of a kind Design
  • 18 inch reflector wing span
  • 8 foot power cords on every product
  • Intercooled 6” fan attached right to the unit cooling your grow lights.

If you are someone that takes your hydroponic growing seriously, you can’t be without our Cool Tube Hydroponic Lighting System. You will be so blown away by this system, that you will wish you had known about it years ago. It will allow you to kick your game up a notch, giving you the ability to grow what you want, in the perfect atmosphere without extra concern and worry.

No more worrying about your plants getting too much heat and wilting. The Cool Tube Hydroponics Lighting System has a built in fan that means the heat is easily dispersed away from the system, and the odors are washed away as well. No more excess heat built up and stinky grow systems. This takes all the guesswork out of growing using hydroponics. Your plants will grow and thrive with this system, meaning more and bigger harvests in less time. Get it all with the Cool Tube Hydroponic Lighting System.

Weight 20 lbs


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