God Father 2.0 LED Grow Room


  • Up to 50 Plants
  • 1000+ Clones
  • 78x78x51″ (180 cubic feet)
  • Triple 300w LED

The God Father 2.0 LED Grow Room is the ultimate upgrade for those who are serious about indoor growing. The tail of the tape is revealing:The God Father measures in at a whopping 180 cubic feet of grow area (78″x78″x51″), more than double our already massive Grow Daddy. The God Father provides space for over 50 plants and can be used for both hydroponic or organic soil grows.

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NPK Nutrient Pack

The God Father 2.0 LED Grow Room is made of cabinet grade cedar wood and is supplied with three (3) 300-Watt LED lighting systems. Each is comprised of 60 5-watt diodes in the red and blue spectrums, red heavy to accommodate fast cycles. Unlike many LED lights, the Hydroponics Group Zen Lights feature LED diodes each set at a different angle to maximize light penetration for fuller growth. LED lighting is acknowledged to be more efficient in general as well as longer lasting and with our Zen Light specs, they provided the proper color spectrum down to the last nanometer.

The God Father LED Grow Room comes complete is easy to assemble modular component construction and includes all the accessories you need to start growing immediately.

  • Exclusive dual Raptor Odor Control Systems eliminates odor for the perfect stealth grow. There is no better odor control on the market.
  • 180 Cubic Feet of growing space! (78″ Tall x 78″ Wide x 51″ Deep)
  • Taller, Deeper, Wider systems, with modular designs make for bigger harvests and easier growing.
  • Modular design – means easier to move, take upstairs, hallways etc.
  • Cedar Walls are non-conductive resin sealed surfaces, none of the negatives of metal boxes including Zero condensation, Zero mold.
  • Powerful high-output exhaust fan for complete filtration.
  • Three (3) 300-Watt LED Systems
  • Your choices of self watering organic soil pots or hydro tubs with deep water culture.
  • Air pump
  • Timer with surge protector
  • Adjustable shelf for maximum size plants.
  • T5s with illumitronic technology for constant seedling production.
  • Propagation tray with clone dome and clone gel.
  • Includes everything you need – Grow medium, nutrients, and outstanding customer service.
  • Hydroponics Group offers lifetime support, modular designs, and scientifically crafted lighting and feeding schedules.
  • 3 year warranty on the box and lighting fixtures
  • Free instructional videos online 24 hrs per day – with installation videos and manuals EASY!

The God Father Grow Room. It doesn’t get any bigger than this.

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  1. 5out of 5

    Just about all of my friends were already growing with hydro, so I felt completely left out. They recommended HG when I wanted to jump on board, and now I am more into it than they are!

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