Grow Daddy LED Grow Box – 5 Watt per Diode (600 watts)


  • 18 hydro and up to 17 soil depending on size of pot Plants
  • Space for 200+ Clones
  • 78x56x30″
  • 600 watt 5w per diode designed for our boxes LED Lighting

Grow Daddy LED Grow Station our largest size grow box, has been paired with advanced LED technology. The LED grow box has someimportant advantages. LEDs use far less energy than HID lighting systems, yet they’ve proven to be just as effective in producing large harvests. The Grow Daddy LED Grow Station is made of cedar wood and comes with a 600 watt LED lighting system, featuring 5 watt per diodes in the red and blue spectrum.

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NPK Nutrient Pack

LED lights are more energy efficient, and our advanced calibrated LEDs provide the proper color spectrum down to the last nanometer. Additionally, each LED diode is set at a different angle, which maximizes light penetration for fuller growth. Like all Hydroponics Group grow systems, the Grow Daddy LED Grow Cabinet is super easy to set up, since the LED system does not need a ballast to power the light.

The LED System comes complete with the modular, cedar wood Grow Daddy Cabinet and all the accessories that make it an industry leader.

Some of the features include:

  • Cedar Walls are non-conductive resin sealed surfaces, none of the negatives of metal boxes including zero condensation and zero mold.
  • Lifetime support, modular designs, and scientifically crafted lighting and feeding schedules.
  • 3 year warranty on the box and lighting fixtures
  • Taller, Deeper, Wider systems, with modular designs make for bigger harvests and easier growing.
  • Our exclusive Raptor odor control system. The best odor control on the market, for a completely odor-free operation.
  • Powerful high-output exhaust fan for complete filtration
  • 600 Watt LED Lighting 5 watts per diode designed for this box directly.(equivalent to 1200 watts of HID Lighting)
  • Light Hangers and extensions for your growing adjustments
  • 12 site Hydro Tub with Deep Water Culture – OR –
  • 14 self-watering organic soil pots
  • Air pump
  • Timer with Surge Protector
  • Adjustable Shelf for maximum size plants
  • T5s with illumitronic technology for a constant supply of seedlings
  • Propagation Tray with Clone Dome and Clone Gel
  • Veg, Bloom, Dry, and Clone perpetually in any of our systems.
  • Grow Medium, Nutrients, and our outstanding customer support.

Together, the Grow Daddy Grow Cabinet and our LED light array make this our most technologically advanced product to date. LEDs offer your plants the exact light spectrum they need to grow super strong and healthy. When you’re ready to take the next step in your home garden – The LED system is our most technologically advanced unit available and is exactly what the power conscious grower needs.

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1 review for Grow Daddy LED Grow Box – 5 Watt per Diode (600 watts)

  1. 5out of 5

    I have the Grow Daddy because I needed more room than my Bud Buddy would give me. I simply added the components on to my existing system, so it couldn’t have been any easier. HG makes everything better when it comes to hydro. I am growing plenty and happier now.

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