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NPK Nutrient Pack

The Grow Daddy Triple Threat is everything the Bud Buddy Triple Pack is, and then some. By replacing two of the Bud Buddy grow cabinets with Grow Daddies, we’ve added an additional 32 cubic feet of growing area–16 cubic feet per grow cabinet.

With the Grow Daddy Triple Threat you get two Grow Daddy grow cabinets. Each is six feet high and more than four feet wide giving you a total grow area of 70 cubic feet! We recommend you use the lower third of the cabinet for your clone area (you can fit 101 clones in this space) and then the upper two thirds for your crop grow. That’s a massive 48 cubic feet of prime growing space in each Grow Daddy grow cabinet.

You also get one Bud Buddy Grow Cabinet which has a total grow area of over 50 cubic feet. We recommend you use this space for your mother plant (the source of your clones). Of course, you’re not limited to a mother plant; you could choose to have a third grow in this space instead.

The Grow Daddies and the Bud Buddy are finished in cedar wood; you can choose between natural color and chocolate brown stain. The walls are fully insulated. The insides are finished in a uniformly high reflective coating for maximum light coverage.

Now for the best part. Our Grow Daddy and Bud Buddy grow cabinets are modular in design, meaning you can mix and match components to your heart’s content. We offer a complete array of the finest hydroponic components on the market:

Need lights? We have them–from our own proprietary Cool Tube technology for metal halide and sodium vapor lighting to 4th generation LED lighting to CFL lights for clones, mother plants and low hanging fruit we can light you up.

Need accessories? We carry the finest reservoirs, grow cups and medium, air pumps, exhaust fans, our exclusive Raptor Odor Control System, and nutrients.

If you never want to be disappointed with a grow again, call one of our Grow Zone specialists or send us an email, so we can discuss your needs and find the perfect solution for your next grow.

WARNING: The Grow Daddy Triple Threat is for sincerely serious growers only. Amateurs need not apply.

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