LED Starter Kit


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Next Level Hydroponic Growing Technology is here today.
LED grow lights offer a wide variety of advantages.
The light use far less energy than the normal HID lights which saves you money.
The light emitted is largely in the Red and Blue Spectrums which is more efficient for the plants
Now for a limited time you can get in on the technology revolution with our mighty
LED Hydroponic Starter Kits
(1) Grow Tent 48″ x 23″ x 60″h
(1) 300W LED Grow Light with six inline exhaust fans
(1) Digital Timer
(1) Air Pump with Air Stones
(1) Water Pump and Tubing
(1) 12-Site Deep Water Culture Hydro Tub
(4) Mesh Pots
(1) Bag Grow Medium

Nutrients for Veg and Bloom Cycles

Weight 65.77 lbs

Note: Components subject to change