Metal Halide Starter Kit


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Every once and a while a deal comes along that is hard to believe:
(1) Grow Tent 48″ x 23″ x 60″h
(1) 400 Watt Metal  Halide Bulb
(1) 400 Watt Digital Balast
(1) Cool Tube with Inline Exhaust Fan and Reflector
(1) Set of Ducting and Flanges for Cool Tube
(1) Digital Timer
(1) Air Pump with Air Stones
(1) 12 Spot Hydroponics Tub
(9) 12 Mesh Pots
(1) Bag Grow Medium
Nutrients for Veg and Bloom Cycles
Ask about our optional
  • HPS 400w professinal grow bulbs
  • Raptor odor control systems.

Weight 38.56 lbs

Note: Components subject to change