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The Bud Buddy Starter Kit with Mother Center Tent is brand spankin’ new and loaded with everything you need to take your grow into the stratosphere. You get the Bud Buddy Starter Kit along with the new Mother tent, which can be used for Mother plants, clones, or both. The Mother Tent can be used with the Bud Buddy Starter Kit, with the Dual Bud Buddy system, or any of the other Hydroponics group grow systems.

The Mother tent features 8 two foot T5’s along with two more 85 Watt CFLs for greater power. Generating a massive tent that is perfect for the vegetation and clone cycles, however it enough power to pop flowers as well. It also comes with Six- 10 inch self- watering pots for easy growing, an intake fan, exhaust fan, odor control the Raptor and all the nutrition you need to have massive growth. The Mother tent measures 6x4x4, and gives you extra space for a larger, stronger grows every time.

The Bud Buddy Starter kit is perfect for those that are on a budget, or wish to test the waters before they really jump into hydroponics. It comes with the Master Series tent, all the same components that fit directly into our grow cabinets so when you want to upgrade you can for much less. You can add any of the grow cabinets to make it a gigantic system. Some of the nice features of the Bud buddy starter kit With Mother Center are:

  • Intercooled Cool Tube Light Hangers with Ratchet style to make adjustments easy
  • 400 watt Metal Halide and HPS bulbs – 2 bulbs included
  • Digital Ballast for both veg and bloom
  • Raptor Odor Control system Pictured for both units
  • 12 site hydro tub or 18 Self Watering Organic Pots
  • Mother Center Tent has 8 T5’s and 2 85 watt CFL adjustable Linear Grow Lamps
  • Total Light Adjust in Mother Center as well.
  • Clone nutrients, Clone Medium, and Clone Domes X2
  • Nutrient Schedules Lighting and Feeding Schedules Included!
  • NPK Raw Nutrients because Hydroponics Group only uses the best.
  • Digital Surge Protected Timer 2
  • Extension cord, Set up directions, video tutorials etc.
  • World Class Customer Support, and much more!
  • Upgrade anytime to our cedar box systems and receive 200 off the cabinets normal offerings

When you order this package that comes with the Bud Buddy Starter Kit and Mother Center tent, all you need to do is add the plants and nutrients adjust your lights and you’re growing! There is simply no easier or faster way to get massive harvests with nothing left to chance. The Bud Buddy starter Kit with Mother Center tent starts at the low price of $1295.90, so what are you waiting for?

Call today and Ask all the question then get ready to Grow – Call Now!

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