“The tube arrived on Friday and was up and running Friday night. It is a really well designed unit. I also like the quality. Again, a really nice design and the dirt pots are great. I am very happy.”
Joan B.

“I never knew growing could be this much fun! I used to always have a garden during the springtime. I hated the work, but I loved to eat fresh vegetables that I had grown myself, and knew exactly what I put into them. Some years, I would get very little for my efforts, due to droughts and bugs eating my plants. I heard about hydroponics, and the ability to grow all year round, and I had to try it. I bought a starter kit from Hydroponics Group first, and found it was the easiest and best thing I had ever used. I needed more space to grow, so I eventually purchased the Grow Daddy, and all I can say, is I am blown away by the level of craftsmanship and everything about it. I can have tons of plants going at the same time, and know I will get the freshest, tastiest vegetables every time. Thanks Hydroponics Group for making such an exceptional product!”
Daniel S.

“At first, I wasn’t certain if growing via hydroponics would be something I would like. I was used to playing in the soil, and kinda liked it. I didn’t like the giant amount of work that I had to do each year to have my garden though. I found Hydroponics group and decided to take the plunge. I started with the Grow Tube. It was easier than I imagined getting started, and I couldn’t believe how quickly my plants grew. There was plenty of room, and I loved visiting and caring for my plants each day. I would tweak this, and change that, and soon, all of my plants were shooting up and putting off huge harvests! I had a few questions, and the friendly folks gave me all of the information I needed and then some. I can’t say enough about your wonderful products and exceptional company. Thank You!”
Melinda F.

“Just a quick note to let you know that you ROCK! I got my Bud Buddy much faster than expected, and it was much easier to set up than I had anticipated as well. I got massive blooms and my harvests are through the roof! The nutrients you recommended have really made a difference in my output. Thanks for making such kickin products!”
Kyle R.

“I tried hydroponics years before, and to be honest, my setup stank. I bought it from some obscure company, and the experience was almost enough to make me swear off hydro growing for good. A few months ago, I was surfing the web, and came across the Hydroponics Group website. I saw your products, and thought of what I had and actually began to laugh. The ones you had made mine look like a child’s toy. I decided to give it one more chance, so I talked to your staff first, and went with the Bud Buddy Dual Grow System. I knew I would be able to everything I grew, and if I couldn’t, we had a close by Farmer’s Market I could sell them at. Anyway, I was beyond blown away at the way my cabinets looked and performed. They were so pretty; I almost didn’t want to use them, lol! I have never seen so many veggies this fast in all my life. On top of that, they taste better than anything anyone I know has ever tried. This was the soundest investment I have ever made. Thank you so much!”
Pete R.

“Never having tried hydro before, I started out with a starter kit to kinda get my feet wet. I thought it would be complicated and very time consuming, but when it arrived, I discovered it was much easier to set up and use than I had anticipated, and I was up and running in no time. The nutrients I had were perfect, obviously, since it took hardly any time for my plants to flower and bloom. I am so glad that I decided to use your company and not go with one that had no idea about the products except how to sell them. I plan on getting an upgrade soon, to the Bud Buddy and just wanted to say that you people are awesome!”
Gregg F.

“I ordered the Bud Buddy Starter Kit and was blown away by the amount of goodies that came with my kit. I figured I would be trying to figure out how to do everything for months, but it was all so simple. I was going in just a little while, and have never experienced harvests like these! I feel as if I have died and gone to heaven. I am going to upgrade to a bigger unit since I am now running out of room. I wouldn’t dream of using a company other than yours, thanks a bunch!”
Gloria D.

“I have been using Hydroponics for some time, and wanted to upgrade my system. The one I had was bought from another company, and while it seemed to do the job fairly well, I felt like something was always missing. I found your website, and decided to buy the Grow Daddy, since everything else seemed like child’s play. I got the one with the Led lighting, and couldn’t be happier! Not only am I able to grow tons of seedlings at once, but with the new LED lighting, I have noticed a real drop in my power usage. With the High-pressure sodium, and Metal Halide lighting, I was paying much more to grow much less. What was I thinking? These lights are the bomb, and your cabinet is of the best quality I have ever seen. I am so amazed that I have never had a second’s trouble with any of your products. You should get an award or something. I tell all of my friends about you, and they are just as excited as I am when they get their stuff. If that wasn’t enough, I found the customer service to be above par too.”
Kenny T.

“If you are under the impression that all Hydroponics companies are the same, then I can tell you from experience that you are incorrect. I was strapped for cash, and went with a cheaper company, thinking it would be just as good as Hydroponics Group, and man was I wrong. First off, it took weeks for my shipment to arrive, and then half of it was broken or just didn’t work. When I tried to get in touch with Customer Service, it was a nightmare. When I finally got someone the phone, I couldn’t understand a word they were saying, and eventually gave up. I wasted a lot of money when I didn’t need to. I was so aggravated, that I almost gave up the hope of ever growing using hydro. Then I came across Hydroponics Group and began to read all of the information they had on their site as well as some of the customer reviews. I called them first, and was delighted to know that all of their staff spoke English as their first language! I talked to a very friendly and helpful staff member, and it made my decision so much easier. The grow box they told me about was even better than they explained, and I am going to order more soon. No one rocks harder than you guys!”
Jeff K.

I ordered a Bud Buddy Grow Box and all I can say is WOW! The quality of the box is terrific, and it has taken my growing right into the stratosphere. I had no idea I could get over five harvests a year, and wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t experience it for myself. Everything about my setup is awesome, from the grow lights down to the nutrients. I asked for your help in choosing the right stuff, and you were dead on with everything. There is no way I could be happier. Keep it up and you will have a customer for life.”
Danny G.

“I had a problem with odors from my grow box setup, and I saw the Raptor odor controller on your site. I read some strong reviews so I decided to try it for myself. It worked exactly like the description says, and I am no longer plagued by grow box odors, and my wife no longer complains about the smells from my boxes. Thanks for making a truly superior product that actually does what you say it does!”
Steve R.

“I almost didn’t order from you guys, but I am sure glad I did. I ordered the Bud Buddy grow box and haven’t stopped smiling since it got here. It is perfect in every way. The craftsmanship is superb, all of the lighting and components are far superior to anything I have used before, and your site and staff is helpful too. I have tripled my output and never tasted anything so delicious before. My family is eating healthier and loving it! We all want to say thank you for making such exceptional products.”
Melissa M.

“I would have never thought that growing using hydroponics could be so fun. I used to grow all of my vegetables in my garden outside my home, but since moving into an apartment, I hadn’t been able to. Then I found your site and discovered I could grow all of the veggies I wanted right inside! It is wonderful, and the taste of everything I grow is better than ever. You gave me direction on the proper nutrients, lighting, and grow boxes and now I look forward to taking care of my plants every day. I don’t have to break my back either, since everything is at waist level. I am pleased as punch. Thanks so much Hydroponics Group. You guys rock!”
Christie T.

“Believe me, the pics on the site simply do not do the Grow Daddy justice. I thought it looked good on the website, but when it came to my door and it was all setup, I was amazed. It is stunning both inside and out, and that’s before any plants are put into it! I could just use it as a room enhancement, but that wouldn’t be fair to it. I have found myself just staring at it in awe, and I think some of my family members might think I am losing it, lol. I can’t get over how well made it is, and how terrific it performs. Get one for yourself and you will never regret it.”
Keven B.

“If you are considering trying hydroponics, then the Hydroponics Group is definitely the company to go with. They have the sickest boxes, the best accessories, and very helpful people. They assisted me with my purchase every step of the way, and it was at my door so fast. I don’t have anything bad to say, except I was I had known about them sooner, and then my life would have been better way back then.”
Craig H.

“I want to stress that I am a very satisfied customer, and I’m glad that I found your company. Thanks to you and everyone at H.G. For the stellar service.”
Bill D., South Carolina

“Sorry there must of been some confusion from our end we are very happy with the product we would certainly buy through you again. We hope that this opens up a new avenue for you with selling to Australia.”
Kind Regards,
Terry and Cheryl Caban, Australia

“If you are new to hydroponics, then the best place for you to go is to Hydroponics Group. They answered my questions and made everything so simple. The Bud Buddy Starter kit I purchased was exactly as they said it would be, and my growth production has increased massively. They are a company that cares about their customers, so give them a try and I promise you won’t regret it! The kit is so tight there is no way to get this quality and components for this price No, I’m not being paid for this; I just want the world to know how awesome this kit really. I got the tent, lights, self watering organic pots, odor control with a massive filter, surge protector with built in timers, nutrient, clone stuff etc.”
Stewart F – Philly 

“I wanted a system that was easier to use, and could give me the best results possible. I was tired of working my fingers to the bone growing at home to be met with disappointment. I bought the Producer but the grow daddy is my new favorite Grow Box with dryer attachment and couldn’t be happier. My crop yields have exploded, and the quality is the best I’ve ever seen. The best part is, I know longer have to work like a fiend to see the results I want. I have taken the leap from hobbyist to professional grower. Thanks Hydroponics Group!”
Tim Beaumont- Boise, Idaho

“Un-frigging-believable, guys. I didn’t have much faith, but I was wrong again. My Dual Threat is working beautifully. I’m stoked. Thanks so much for your super assistance. You were so right when you said “let’s take this one step at a time, instead of rushing into changing everything”. You have helped me get started with little trouble. I’m the proverbial happy camper this morning. That’s it for now. It’s a great thing having access to you guys.”

Greg D- Charlotte,North Carolina

“This is Dave, your extremely satisfied customer on Maui, HI. I think my  is one of the most wonderful items I’ve ever purchased. You guys have really done an outstanding job at putting this all together with very high quality components. I LOVE this thing! My crops have taken off like nobody’s business! I couldn’t be happier. The Hydroponics Group Rocks! Best regards,”
Dave Tillman Maui,HI

“I’ve got to tell you, I’ve been absolutely delighted with the results! Maybe I’m just lucky (the tap water ph here seems about perfect, and it doesn’t drift!), or maybe, with your grow box, it’s just not at all tricky as some say hydro can be.
So: THANK YOU! I’ve learned a bunch on this first go-round… am astounded with the yield that is shaping up, and this is with the basic nutrients you sent, period. After what you told me, I decided not to mess with CO2 the first time around, and now know tons more about habits and training for the following cycles.  So I have great hopes of improving from here, and it seems a certainty that I’ll be able to grow all on my own. Wow! I feel like I am in on the ultimate secret on the planet now! This is fun and oh so economical. Thanks so much Hydroponics Group! You really know your stuff!”
Amber D- Tupelo, MS

“Everyone in the Hydroponics group, i would like to thank-you all. the product is all you said it was. 61/2 weeks in and just about done with  flower and it looks fantastic thank-you again. I no longer have any problems with hydroponic growing. Rick broke it down for me so easily – best advice I ever got, break it down into steps and keep track of your progress. I would recommend any of your products to anyone needing a real solution To Growing their own”!
Alex Shoals, Liberty, PA.

“Wow, what an outfit. They are quick, accurate and do as they promise! Fast shipping. I had one of my LED lights burn out and they sent out a replacement the same day I let them know about it. The Hydroponics Group really know their stuff! My crop yields have doubled easily. I am as happy as a pig in mud! The nutrients are as awesome as the grow box system I bought. I buy a lot of stuff online,like tools, theater equip, food, and much more. This is by far the most reliable and easiest online company to deal with. I give them a 5 star rating!!”

“Both service expediency and product are superb in my books! Definitely will use your business again; and refer friends to do the same! The light system was exactly as they said it was. My crops have really taken off with the help of my Big Mac and all of your superb nutrients. I am so happy I found The Hydroponics Group!”
Leslie Buchanan- Maryland

“Unbelievable customer service throughout the entire purchase process, will definitely purchase from Hydroponics Group in the future. The design of the grow box I ordered was solid, beautiful, and met my expectations and then some. I know now that I can grow my own plants at home, and never again worry about what it is I am eating.”
Jackson Peters

“Great experience with this company. I had a question about the Producer Grow Box with Dryer I bought and fired off an email. There was no email response, but instead a phone call from customer service…talk about excellent customer service!!! It was quite nice for them to go out of their way to help me, especially as a first time customer. This is in addition to their speedy shipping. I am confident in referring EVERYONE to shop here. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase and experience. Thanks so much Hydroponics Group.”

“Not sure I have enough room to store all the tomatoes I grew, ran out of room, and still have like 20 tomatoes that need storage. This thing pushes out veggies faster then anything I have ever seen before. Exceptional customer service and my grow box is top notch. It is like nothing I have seen before anywhere. I will recommend the Hydroponics Group to anyone that wants to grow their own organic veggies fast, economically, and easy.”
Annette, Miami, Fl

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